second training course ON

THE taxonomy and systematics of African pollinating flies

18-29 november 2019 - morogoro-tanzania

The training was organized by the Entomology Section of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA, Tervuren) in Belgium and the Sokoine Pest Management Centre (SPMC) at the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA, Morogoro) in Tanzania.

Standing (L to R): Christopher Sabuni (local organizer), Sarah Majugu, Terence Bellingan, Sheila Koech, Filemon Mbwambo, Monica Michael (administration), Ashley Kirk-Spriggs (instructor), Pierre Mboma, John Midgley (instructor), Rose Sagwe, Jackson Nashon (administration), Amos Kabota, Benedict Kanyama, Mecklina Mbundi, Kurt Jordaens (instructor), Ruth Achieng, Joseph Gitau. Kneeling (L to R): Alexis Mpawenimana, Dorothy Madamba, Emerensiana Benson (administration)


The objective of this group training was to ensure, for the sake of the African scientists or the persons confronted with the problem, a basic training on the identification and ecology of African Diptera that have a significant role in plant-pollinator networks. The target families are Bombyliidae, Calliphoridae, Mythicomyiidae, Nemestrinidae, Rhiniidae, Syrphidae, and pangonine Tabanidae.

The training consisted of ex-cathedra courses on biogeography, morphology, identification (methods), collection methods, and conservation methods of Diptera. Practical exercises were used to identify Diptera and to improve collection management skills.


The following 13 persons participated in the training:


- Ashley H. Kirk-Spriggs (Natural History Museum London, UK)

John Midgley (KwaZulu-Natal Museum, South Africa)

Kurt Jordaens (Royal Museum for Central Africa, Belgium)

Local organisation:

- Christopher Sabuni (SPMC, Tanzania)

- Monica Michael (SPMC, Tanzania)

L to R:  John Midgley, Christopher Sabuni,

Monica Michael, Kurt Jordaens, Ashley Kirk-Spriggs

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